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The Club runs a full social programme throughout the year, and members are free to develop new interests within our shore-based activity groups.So whether you prefer the adrenalin of the race start line to learning new dance steps, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the Drawing Room, we believe the Royal Irish Yacht Club offers membership that is commensurate with expectations. including homicides, excluded from the Irish figure) - the two countries simply do not record crimes in the same way, due to different legislation in each jurisdiction. This is more difficult to answer, and not only because I don't remember (because I was pissed). .we've been fighting for our nationhood for 800 years, although that was hardly our fault.Don't let them put you off us or our country though, please. Please, I'm begging you: I want to shove it down peoples' throats too. Possibly fueling the longevity of this urban legend is the fact that the Catholic alcohol abstinence movement, (not to be confused with various youth organisations in former Communist countries, well, not much at any rate), was formed in Ireland [2]. So come over, bring your anti-redhead prejudices too, so we can practice stereotype #2 on them, which is to say; you. Fluency, verbal dexterity, and wit are premium qualities in Irish society in the 21st Century as much perhaps as they were in the 1st.Furthermore, anecdotal evidence conducted through the lens of the bottom of my pint glass tells me that even when other, larger countries (e.g. Ireland has an assault rate of 347.9 for the same period [5]. out of all of the stereotypes in this answer, this is probably the most ambiguous as regards its truth. On the other: That is a pretty damning (and damn scary), not to say shaming, national statistic.We really aren't drunk all the time (I'm only half-cut right now, for example), and we usually fight with each other instead of strangers - we pride ourselves on our hospitality (another cliché that is true: the Irish really are welcoming).Just leave your prejudice against red-heads at home when doing so and indulge us in our ways.

Our services can now be viewed by going to the Worship tab above and clicking on Video Stream 1 for the main view, or Video Stream 2 for the Altar view.

Only 10 minutes from the vibrant festival town of Clonakilty.“we had never before surfed.

The staff were brilliant, they made us all feel relaxed, issuing us our wetsuits etc…

The Irish College of English is an Award-Winning English language school established in 1992.

We are Recognised by ACELS, a Service of Quality and Qualification Ireland, for English Language Teaching (ELT).

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