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Join us for the evening and allow your heart to open in our special end of summer Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

In this ceremony you will drink warm ceremonial cacao made from the most natural cacao beans available from Central America.

Ceremonial Chocolate is more than just delicious hot chocolate.

Ceremonial chocolate is a special chocolate that opens and heals our hearts.

IMPORTANT: Just RSVPing on meetup will not guarantee your spot.

To ensure you have a ticket, you must purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.

I felt as though I were about to literally drink love into my body.

It seems inevitable for many students – after years of dedicated training (or even just months), the training begins to slow down. A dojo is always in flux, so you’ll meet new people and make new dojo family.

Sometimes, it just stops suddenly, and there’s a conspicuous gap where a senior used to be. If fitness was a precondition for martial arts, very few of us would get to start. I’ve been in so many dojos, both because of moving and being a deshi, I know that you’ll soon find a good training partner and your own groove.

A pocket of quiet where a boisterous teen used to stand and idly nudge the punching bag while listening to instructions. There are a thousand demands on our time, many beyond our control. And then there’s a day when you open your cupboard and there is your gi, hanging up and gathering dust. (And silently judging you.) “But what will Sensei think? 99% of the time, your Sensei will be utterly delighted to see you return. Fitness comes back much faster than you think, and honestly? I never told Sensei why I left Look, very few instructors are soft and fluffy and wear dreamcatchers.

Money must be earned, marks attained, sports teams made. ” the student wonders, before slowly closing the door. All that matters is that you make the decision to put your gi on and get to the dojo. But your Sensei is human (very much so) and probably isn’t holding a grudge.

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