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On Wednesday, the Warriors season ticket holder flew to New Orleans with her husband, John, to film material for this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game festivities.

But when she’s not entertaining the masses, Schreiber often can be found at her small art studio in Belmont.

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“I feel like I’ve accomplished something.” Though her quiet and solitary work in the studio may seem far removed from her improvised dance routines, her husband sees a common thread of creativity running through them.

The string extends through other hobbies and passions, from Christmas decorations to interior design.

She typically draws inspiration from photographs — of the Grand Canyon, for example.

Lately she’s gone through an abstract “underwater” phase. Freelance artist Robin Schreiber is photographed at her studio in Belmont, Calif., on Tuesday, Feb. Schreiber, an Oakland native, became known as the Golden State Warriors “Dance Mom” after a video of her dancing in an ugly sweater at a November Warriors’ game went viral, leading to an opportunity to dance on the court with the Warriors Dance Team in December.

Schreiber’s dance-cam moves are largely improvised. She has “a surprising sense of rhythm,” said her 25-year-old son, J. But what really comes across is her enthusiasm and enviable indifference to appearing silly.

(Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group) Schreiber studied art in college and has always enjoyed creating it.

As a history teacher on the Peninsula, she established a districtwide “art and authors” program.

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“She somehow made it down in front of the stage,” John said, “and was dancing in front of the whole audience while the movie was playing.” Now she has more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, and it takes the family up to an hour to leave Oracle Arena because so many people want to take selfies with her.

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